Anti-Social Behaviour: The Types

Types of Anti-Social Behaviour

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Bullies and Bullying

We all have our own ideas on what bullying is and isn't. There have been many expert theories over the years concerning the issue and our aim isn't to debate them here.

Let's take a deep breath though...

Bullying can be any act of physical, written, verbal or mental coercion or communication, oppression or will of force by another party to attempt, dominate to influence or direct how another person or group will act, feel, think or behave.

Bullies can also bully via damaging or attacking a property or possession or via name-calling, extorting money or personal possessions, verbally taunting or by making comments concerning race, sex or sexual preference. Bullying can be closely connected with harassment, but the two are also clearly defined.


The internet has its fair share of bullying individuals who feel it's acceptable to stalk, harass, slander or attempt to harm in any way another group or individual via the use of the WWW or any form of electronic communication. Bullying as in the physical world, is just as harmful in the electronic one.