Anti-Social Behaviour: The Types

Types of Anti-Social Behaviour

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Criminal Damage

Criminal Damage can consist of smashing windows, damaging property, willfully vandalising or using graffiti on any property, damaging a house or flat, scratching cars or vehicles paintwork, damaging a neighbour's garden.

Damage does not have to be permanent in order for it to be classed as criminal damage (e.g. graffiti). The 1971 Criminal Damage Act makes two offence levels concerning Criminal Damage (a 'summary' offence that is for damage which is worth under £5000 and one of a more serious nature that can be tried in the Magistrates' Court or the Crown Court). In Crown Court, the maximum prison sentence can be up to 10 years for Criminal Damage.

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 enables the police to engage any person using a 'stop and search' if they believe that any individual may be carrying items to be used to instigate criminal damage.