Anti-Social Behaviour: The Types

Types of Anti-Social Behaviour

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Running a business from home

Where the proprietor/business owner causes excessive or unreasonable disturbance through means of noise, environmental pollution or what could be viewed as any other anti-social practice which is unauthorised, against standards/legislation or similar".

For example, where a builder working from home, blocks others driveways with excessive amounts of vehicles or building materials OR where a home-working business has many visitors to their property, causing noise and unwanted vehicle traffic to neighbouring properties OR via a business at home where a product is made and causes unwanted emissions into the local environment as a 'by-product', etc.

Foot Note: Many business owners who work from home and use their own residence as a base are responsible business owners who are careful to ensure that they are not causing problems for other local residents. Sadly, there are those individuals and home-based companies that do indulge in the practice of anti-social behaviour whilst running their businesses from home.